Gantt: Extract milestone date from a second gantt snippet

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asked Jan 17 in Wanted features by WD83 (160 points)
First, thank you for this tool- it's become invaluable to me for software/system design as well as generating project reports quickly.

I frequently have projects that are complex (well over 100 tasks), and will break them into separate gantt charts to keep them all readable.  Since each of these "phases" has milestones pulled from previous charts, this has me searching through the image to pick out the exact date a milestone happened, and updating all the subsequent charts manually.

It would be great if I could reference a separate plantuml gantt, have it calculate the milestone's date, and drop it into the current milestone.  For example:

<file:  MyProject_Phase1.puml>


[Do good work] lasts 5 weeks

[Good work ready] happens at [Do good work]'s end


<end of file>

<file: MyProject_Phase2.puml>


[Good work ready] defined in "MyProject_Phase1.puml"

then [Do even better work] lasts 3 weeks


In this toy example, when plantuml reads the "defined in" for Phase2, it opens the specified file, calculates out the date of the defined milestone, and drops it into the current file.  So I'd see [Do even better work] end 8 weeks after the project started.

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