Gantt milestone bug?

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asked Mar 17 in Bug by luke.whitehorn (120 points)

In the following example

[Review 01] happens at 2021-03-29
[Review 02] happens on 3 weeks after [Review 01]'s end

The resulting diagram shows Review 02 happening 2 weeks after Review 01, not 3. If you use '21 days after' then it does work.

Is this a bug or am I missing something?

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answered Mar 18 by The-Lu (33,360 points)

Hello L.,

  • In which version?

For example on last online version (1.2021.3beta6), we observed the expected result:

If that can help,

commented Mar 18 by luke.whitehorn (120 points)

I tried using an online 1.2021.3beta7 and I managed to reproduce it properly. It seems to be due to closed days being treated differently.


Project starts 2021-03-17

saturday are closed
sunday are closed

' Milestones
[Review 01] happens at 2021-03-29
'[Review 02] happens on 21 days after [Review 01]'s end
[Review 02] happens on 3 weeks after [Review 01]'s end

If you run that snippet, you will see that [Review 02] is two weeks after [Review 01].

Comment it out ther [Review 02] line and then uncomment out the line above it that is currently commented out, run again and this time it will actually be three weeks.

commented Mar 18 by plantuml (259,840 points)
It's not widely documented, but indeed, there is a diff.

Be default, a week means 7 days.

But when you specify that sunday and saturday are closed, it turns week duration to 5 days.

The Gantt really thinks in term of load. 21 days is more the load of the task than its duration.

In your case, 3 weeks really mean a load of 15 days.

Hope this helps !
It's not that easy to find a consistent logic :-)
commented Mar 18 by luke.whitehorn (120 points)
Ahh, yes. I thought it could be something like this.

I guess it would be good to warn of this in the docs. Something like:

"A week is a synonym for how many non-closed days are in a week. So if you specify Saturday and Sunday as closed, a week will be equivalent to 5 days"

Plus the example above maybe :)