Sequence diagram participants based on components

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asked Apr 14 in Question / help by Otto Emanuelsson
I would like to use components, defined in a component diagram, as participants in a sequence diagram. Is that possible?

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answered Apr 14 by The-Lu (22,220 points)

Hello O.,

1/ Firstly no, only:


2/ Secondly yes, with adding sub-diagram as:

participant "{{\n[component A]\n}}" as A

If that can help,

commented Apr 14 by Otto Emanuelsson
Thanks! I will see if I can avoid redefining the component in a sub-diagram using the 2/ approach.

It would be a really nice feature if PlantUML would make it possible to create sequence or state diagrams based on components in a component diagram.
commented Apr 14 by Martin (4,600 points)

Just to point out that the outer boxes in Th's example can be styled out, at the cost of a small gap between the component and the lifeline.