Passing image's caption in a doxygen alias woes

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asked Dec 19, 2013 in Bug by rmric (2,140 points)

Documenting PlantUML diagrams inline with Doxygen is great, esp. with the ALIAS.

However, I'd like to pass along a "caption" for that image to Doxygen, but plantuml (r7988) misinterprets it.

Here's what I'd like to do:

ALIASES += "startuml{2}=\image html \1 \"\2\"\n\image latex \1 \"\2\"\n\if DontIgnorePlantUMLCode"
ALIASES += "startuml{3}=\image html \1 \"\2\" \3\n\image latex \1 \"\2\" \3\n\if DontIgnorePlantUMLCode"

and in my source code:

@startuml{myimage.png,This is my caption text}

.. PlantUML code


and also

@startuml{myotherimage.png,This is my other caption text,width=16cm}

.. PlantUML code


plantuml does generate an image, but gives it the name "myimage.png,This is my caption text". Could it use only the first argument for the file name ?


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answered Dec 20, 2013 by plantuml (295,000 points)
selected Dec 23, 2013 by rmric
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This is very specific to DOxygen usage, but we think that there should be no impact on other plugins.

So you can download here a beta :

This beta will give myotherimage.png as file name for:

@startuml{myotherimage.png,This is my other caption text,width=16cm}

Caracters after the comma are simply ignored.

Is this what you are looking for ?

commented Dec 23, 2013 by rmric (2,140 points)
As usual, very quick answer, and effective solution. The beta is working great with the following refactorized macro:

ALIASES                += "startuml{3}=\image latex \1 \"\2\" \3\n\image html \1 \"\2\" \3\n\if DontIgnorePlantUMLCode"
ALIASES                += "startuml{2}=\startuml{\1,\2,}"
ALIASES                += "startuml{1}=\startuml{\1,,}"