Syntax error with timing diagram in Doxygen, while PLANTUML_CFG_FILE is used

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asked Jun 19, 2018 in Bug by anonymous

I created a timing diagram, which is correctly generated on the website.

Once integrated in my Doxygen documentation, I had a "Syntax error" message, related to some "FontSize" keyword.

I noticed that this definition was only in my plantuml.cfg file, which is defining all the common skins for my documentation.

If I copy/paste the content of this file in the editor, between the @startuml and the "robust" keywords, then I have the same "Syntax error" message also on the planttext website.

I also noticed the same behaviour in the past with @startditaa keyword (not working in Doxygen, certainly related with having a plantuml.cfg definings skins/scale configs, etc...).

commented Jun 20, 2018 by albert (3,480 points)
Without an example it is hard to judge where the problem is.. i.e needed, at least, a stripped down version of the file containing the plantuml configuration and the file containing the rest of the plantuml command causing the problems.
commented Sep 24, 2018 by René (100 points)
edited Sep 26, 2018 by René
We have a similar problem with 'hide footbox' in the global config file; the syntax error is not related to the config file though, you can place 'hide footbox' directly in the diagram and will get the syntax error:


hide footbox

robust "bla" as bla


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