WBS LineColor cascade bug?

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asked Nov 3, 2021 in Bug by anonymous

Hello. Is there a bug in the way LineColor values cascade to stereotyped nodes in WBS diagrams using the beta styling?

When specifying ":depth()" selectors, the LineColor is used on both the bordering line and the arrow line to child nodes.

However, when a stereotype selector is used, only the border line changes; the connecting line/arrow inherits the PlantUML default colour.

Here's an example WBS diagram showing the issue.

Not sure which is "correct", but IMHO the LineColor for inherited stereotyped nodes should behave like the depth selectors, carrying the border colour down to the line/arrow colour as that makes the diagram more readable. smiley

1 Answer

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answered Nov 16, 2022 by anonymous

One option is to simply define one colour value for all the connecting lines (aka arrows) as follows:

arrow {
  LineColor Black