new function %font_exists()

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asked Feb 25, 2022 in Wanted features by kirchsth (5,860 points)

based on I expected that fall-back-fonts are working. But I checked it and it is not working on e.g. the PlantUML server (details see

Is it possible to add a funcion like %font_exists() that I can implement in C4 a macro which works with png files too (it looks like that the fallback font works only with svg which supports css).

Thank you and best regards


commented Feb 27, 2022 by kirchsth (5,860 points)
Hi @plantuml,
it could be that @martin found a possible fix for
Can you please try it.
If it would work this function is not required anymore.
Thank you and best regards
commented Feb 28, 2022 by Martin (8,360 points)

@plantuml To recap on my theory. contains the following procedure:

  private static Font buildFont(String fontFamily, int fontStyle, int fontSize) {
    if (fontFamily.contains(",")) {
      for (String name : fontFamily.split(",")) {
        name = StringUtils.eventuallyRemoveStartingAndEndingDoubleQuote(name).trim();
        if (doesFamilyExists(name)) {
          return new Font(fontFamily, fontStyle, fontSize);
    return new Font(fontFamily, fontStyle, fontSize);

This procedure seems to go to a lot of trouble to check each string of a comma separated list to see if it is an existing font family.  But then always returns the same result whatever.  As it stands everything before the final return statement could be deleted (unless I'm missing a subtlety).

My theory is that SVG can cope with the comma separated list, and maybe even evaluates it at display-time(?).  But that this doesn't happen for PNG.  So I wonder whether the procedure above should, for PNG only, return "name" rather than "fontFamily" for the first existing font family that it finds.

I could be completely wrong, I'm just linking a bit of seemingly redundant code to the fact that fallback fonts don't work for PNG.

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