BorderStyle dashed not working anymore

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asked Mar 5, 2022 in Bug by kirchsth (5,860 points)
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In old version the border style was correct dashed in following sample:


skinparam package<<boundary>> {
    StereotypeFontColor red
    FontColor red
    BorderColor red
    BorderStyle dashed

skinparam rectangle<<boundary>> {
    StereotypeFontColor blue
    FontColor blue
    BorderColor blue
    BorderStyle dashed

rectangle "R1" as r1 <<boundary>> {
  rectangle "R2" as r2 <<boundary>> {


(the (package) font color handling was "special" in the older version too, and is not important in this issue. I used it only as marker that the styles are assigned)

BR Helmut

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answered Mar 5, 2022 by plantuml (295,000 points)
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Thanks for the feedback. This should be fixed in last official release V1.2022.2