Text rotated parallel to arrow

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asked May 19, 2022 in Question / help by anonymous

Is it possible to have the text of an arrow parallel to the arrow and ontop of it?

In particular, I'd like to make an use-case diagram with extend/include arrows looking like this:

Use-case diagram with the wanted arrows

As you can see, the <<extend>> and <<include>> are part of the arrow.

If I try to recreate the same in PlantUML, it looks like this:

Use-case diagram from PlantUML


usecase "UseCase" as a

usecase "UseCase" as b

usecase "UseCase" as c

a -[hidden]r-> c

a .d.> b : <<extend>>

b <.u. c : <<include>>


Is there a way to achieve the wanted look in PlantUML?

Thank you for your help.

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