Sequence diagram is not generated and does not return error

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asked Sep 19, 2022 in Question / help by Andre

Hi folks.

I'm attempting to render the following sequence diagram:


participant service #fbf980
database datomic #99FF99
note over "service", "datomic" #99FF99: [{:bar-request/product-type :xum,\n  :bar-request/product-variations\n  #{:credit-card.product-variation/mmmmmm-black},\n  :bar-request/id #uuid "6325031c-56e5-4588-9dba-29a9829da980",\n  :bar-request/product-id\n  #uuid "4f6ec31d-1410-4df5-8255-e3e3102bb7db",\n  :bar-request/interest-rate 0.14M,\n  :bar-request/prospect-id\n  #uuid "ac6f8bbe-1a27-47c4-95f0-712974520aa8",\n  :bar-request/invited-at #inst "2022-09-16T23:13:32.814-00:00",\n  :bar-request/invite-code "q5xx87",\n  :bar-request.limit-range/min 20000}\n {:db/id #db/id [:db.part/foo.version -1000449],\n  :foo.version/lookup-id\n  "24ca68e9873b8e2aae6b328627999e4a3471821c35a1b0df35b7e7dd46a5ba52",\n  :foo.version/number 0,\n  :foo.version/id #uuid "6325031c-600f-42c8-9053-752a758127be"}\n {:db/id #db/id [:db.part/tx -1000450],\n  :audit/cid "CID.3CRGP.AVZCO",\n  :audit/version "MISSING"}]\n

However, the file is not generated, as you can see in (it does not display any errors, though).

I'm trying to figure out a minimum example but I'm not able to pin point the exact issue.

I know if mmmmmm is changed to mmmmm (that is, dropping one char m), the image is generated, for example. But there are other ways of editing the code that result in it working.

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answered Sep 19, 2022 by plantuml (295,000 points)

It is possible for you to format your code differently, like in this example?

commented Sep 19, 2022 by André

Hi. Thanks for your response.

After formatting it in the way you suggested, it works:

participant service #fbf980
database datomic #99FF99
note over "service", "datomic" #99FF99
[{:bar-request/product-type :xum,
 :bar-request/id #uuid "6325031c-56e5-4588-9dba-29a9829da980",
 #uuid "4f6ec31d-1410-4df5-8255-e3e3102bb7db",
 :bar-request/interest-rate 0.14M,
 #uuid "ac6f8bbe-1a27-47c4-95f0-712974520aa8",
 :bar-request/invited-at #inst "2022-09-16T23:13:32.814-00:00",
 :bar-request/invite-code "q5xx87",
 :bar-request.limit-range/min 20000}
{:db/id #db/id [:db.part/foo.version -1000449],
 :foo.version/number 0,
 :foo.version/id #uuid "6325031c-600f-42c8-9053-752a758127be"}
{:db/id #db/id [:db.part/tx -1000450],
 :audit/cid "CID.3CRGP.AVZCO",
 :audit/version "MISSING"}]
 end note

However, it's not clear to me why is that.

Is there anything wrong with using \n and not using 'end note'?