Tool to re-format the PlantUML code in a consistent manner?

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asked Nov 15, 2022 in Wanted features by philCryo (140 points)
reshown Nov 15, 2022 by philCryo

Hi there,

I'd like to have a tool / feature that'll re-format the PlantUML code in a consistent manner to make it more readable.

Adding indents, for instance...

The only tool I've found that supports re-format the PlantUML code so far is the Visual Studio Code Plugin...and that botches in sequence diagrams things like:

  • Secondary group labels (moves them to the next line of code...which is syntactically incorrect)
  • `note right` within a group ends up an indent to the right of the `end note`
  • etc.


commented Jan 18 by The-Lu (57,460 points)

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