Using transparent font header removes the node

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asked Feb 23, 2023 in Bug by chris (2,540 points)

looking to hide some metadata in the generated svg without including the full source (makes the file larger), a simple version number. Setting the header to transparent doesn't hide the text though, it removes the node entirely. Is this by design or is there another way I can drop e.g. 'version 5' into the svg without affecting the rendered image:

transparent header

commented Feb 23, 2023 by The-Lu (65,240 points)

Hi C., and all,

  • Do you really need transparent mode?

Or only `white` will be sufficient!

skinparam headerFontColor white
header version 5


header <color:white>version 5


commented Feb 23, 2023 by chris (2,540 points)
Well, no of course I don't 'need' transparent, however it would seem more correct to have a node which is transparent, rather than white - then I can correctly change the background to be non-white, or indeed transparent, without the text 're-appearing'.

For the moment I have a workaround, which is to add the version to a link that is elsewhere in the diagram using a query parameter e.g.

But that is also not quite correct, hey
commented Feb 23, 2023 by chris (2,540 points)

Perhaps another solution would be the ability to add custom metadata. So either overwrite or append the default diagram metadata that is added, something like:

Some custom text here should be added to the diagram in the same way the source code is, but not be removed by the -nometadata flags
end appendCustomMetaData

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