Plantuml plug-in for Word 365 error - can't find plantuml.jar

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asked Mar 30, 2023 in Question / help by buggy
I have downloaded plantuml.jar, .dot file, and installed GraphViz as per the instructions at The jar and dot are in the STARTUP folder. Word shows the Plantuml menu. However, when I press the UML button to generate the diagram, the error days 'Cannot find plantuml.jar' listing all the folders it checked.

The downloaded jar had a version number in its name platuml.1.2023.5.jar so I renamed it to plantuml.jar.

Then it gives another error: Java command execution failed (break key?)

Can someone please help me troubleshoot this?
commented Mar 31, 2023 by evantill (480 points)

Can you check your java installation ?

Running java from the command line. 

Somebody had the same error message.

commented Mar 31, 2023 by anonymous
Thank you @evantill ! That solves the issue!

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answered Mar 31, 2023 by The-Lu (67,000 points)

Just to close this question/issue:

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