"working days before" don't work collectry at gantt chart

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asked Jul 25 in Bug by anonymous
I wrote gantt chart as follows:

saturday are closed
sunday are closed
project starts the 2023-7-1
[A] starts at 2023-7-1 and lasts 3 days
[B] starts 10 working days after [A]'s end
[B2] starts 10 days after [A]'s end
[C] starts at 2023-7-1 and ends 10 working days before [B]'s start
[C2] starts at 2023-7-1 and ends 10 days before [B]'s start

The satart days of [B] and [B2] become different.

"working days after" looks like working correctly.

On the other hand, the end days of C and C2 became same.

"working days before" works as same as "days before" ?

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