Last label on last elseif branch does not get rendered

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asked Aug 17 in Bug by corec (120 points)

There seems to be some issue on using labels within the last elseif branch. The last label before the merge doesn't get rendered. See following code [1]. Result happens on the plantuml release version and the online version:

if (condition A) then (yes)
  :Text 1;
elseif (condition B) then (yes)
  :Text 2;
(no) elseif (condition C) then (yes)
  :Text 3;
(no) elseif (condition D) then (yes)
  :Text 4;
else (nothing)
  :Text else;
  ->txt else;

As you can see the arrow label after Text 4 doesn't get rendered at all.

commented Aug 24 by The-Lu (60,200 points)
Hi all,

Just for traceability, on the same topic of missing label, see also this defect:


1 Answer

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answered Aug 29 by plantuml (292,220 points)
This should be fixed with last snapshot