closed Changing a transition-to state makes PlantUML go bonkers

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asked Feb 12, 2015 in Bug by anonymous
closed Feb 12, 2015
Guys, first of all, thanks again for the great tool!

I've just discovered a bug, when on a moderately complicated diagram changing a to-state of a transition from one state to another causes PlantUML to draw crazy things (like overlapping states, for example, and more). You can see for yourself:


GoodTrans.txt - all OK

BadTrans.txt - not really (transition to-state in the S_Editing_OverviewOutdated state upon E_FinishEditing changed from S_Viewing_OverviewOutdated (as in GoodTrans.txt) to S_Viewing_OverviewOK).

GoodTrans.txt is at

BadTrans.txt is at

This is with version 8019 (Apache License). The server verison on the homepage doesn't seem to like BadTrans.txt either.

Perhaps you could take a look. Thanks!

closed with the note: Fixed by updating GraphViz to version 2.39 (developer snapshot)

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answered Feb 12, 2015 by anonymous
Gentlemen, apologies for blaming PlantUML for the bug. Looks like this was a GraphViz 2.36 issue - after installing the current developer snapshot of 2.39, the problem is gone.