package style does behave inconsistent

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maybe due to uncomplete documentation i may just misunderstand but i witnessed the following around packages:

skinparam package Rectangle seem to work in simpler setups.

But i followed some hints that you could change the skinparam and the packages would then use the style set at definition time. It seems that is not the case. I found the last packageStyle skinparam defines all packages styles in the diagram definition.

Code i found somewhere that result in two folder style packages:

' Setting PackageStyle
skinparam PackageStyle rectangle

' Define a package using the rect style
package "Rect Style Package" {
    class MyClass {
        -attribute : int
        +method() : void

' Change PackageStyle for subsequent packages
skinparam PackageStyle folder

' Define another package using the folder style
package "Folder Style Package" {
    class AnotherClass {
        -attribute : string
        +method() : void

So if you want different package styles in your diagram, the only way would be to use a package stereotype and a specific skinparam section for that stereotype.
I found this does not work at all:

'this style is applied to all packages
skinparam packageStyle rectangle

package "Design" <<Design Domain>> {
   class "My Class"

skinparam package<<Design Domain>> {
   BorderThickness 5     'works
   BorderColor #679cae   'works
   Style rectangle
   'This Style is ignored if the first one is commented out, but color and thickness are applied


Can someone help me to figure out what the current implementation should provide and if that is according to the requirements or should i open a bug?

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