How to display nested tree like structure in a class body

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I want to display a tree like structure in a class. But to be able to display the whitespaces (for nesting), I have to place a character beforehand. Currently I'm using "backtick" because it's the smallest character I can imagine.

Is there any escape character or flag exists for this purpose? Or is there any way to  decrase the tab (\t) size?



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answered May 22, 2015 by plantuml (278,240 points)
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We really like your idea. Unfortunatly, there is no other option today.

However, we've built a beta version that does not remove extra heading spaces.

With this beta, you can simply have:

class Foo{
|_ prop
|_ **Bom(Model)**
  |_ prop2
  |_ prop3
    |_ prop3.1
|_ prop4 :(
And we will add this new syntax in the creole parser, so that |_ could be renderer as a real tree.
Thanks for the suggestion : we will post a message here when this will be ready.
commented May 23, 2015 by evrenesat (120 points)
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Thank you, it's much appreciated.
commented May 25, 2015 by plantuml (278,240 points)
This has not been very tested, but should be working with last beta:
Is this what you were expecting ?
commented Sep 18, 2019 by valexiev (1,180 points)