Skinparam on component rectangle

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asked Jan 13, 2016 in Bug by Serge Wenger Work (15,080 points)


I use plantuml.8033.jar

I found by chance that I can put "rectangle node" in component diagram. On page 77 chapter 3.6, package, node, folder, frame, cloud, database are defined. Is there other kind of node?

With rectangle, skinparam are not working as expected:

skinparam node<<nSimple>> {
  backgroundColor Blue
skinparam rectange {
  backgroundColor Red
skinparam rectange<<Simple>> {
  backgroundColor Blue
node "aa" as aa <<nSimple>>
rectangle "bb" as bb
rectangle "cc" as cc <<Simple>>
Could you please help me?
Thanks for this great software


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answered Jan 13, 2016 by plantuml (291,140 points)
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The actual complete list is:

artifact, actor, folder, package, rectangle, node, frame, cloud, database, queue, storage, agent, usecase, component, boundary, control, entity, interface

Sorry that the documentation is not up-to-date.

There is a typo in your example. Changing "skinparam rectange" to "skinparam rectangle" should help.
However, they might be some issues with skinparam and component type, so do not hesitate to post if you find some strange behaviour.

commented Jan 13, 2016 by Serge Wenger Work (15,080 points)
Thanks for the quick answer.

It would be nice to have this list in the doc. Is there a way to modify myself this documentation?

For the typo, I read it 10 times :-(, it would be nice if the parser give an error!!!

Best regards