Other time scales for Gantt Diagram (Ex : Hours)

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I know that the Gantt Diagrams are still in Beta as of today, but something that I feel should be implemented is other time scales for projects. The "day" scale is pretty standard, but sometimes I find it useful to be able to scale work on a half-day or hour basis.

Most large projects can't rely on this diagrams because of the lack of a proper calendar, so I find it most useful for sketching projects, or quickly making a short planning without worrying about workload/calendar/etc. And for that purpose, I feel that scaling with hours, or half-days, can be useful.

Edit: An easier way to do something like that would be to, instead of "days", have "units". That way, an user can have more control over said units. 

For example :

unit Hour

unit Day : 8 Hours

unit Month : 30 Days

unit Week : 7 Days

'The two following tasks are identical

[Task 1] lasts 16 Hours

[Task 2] lasts 2 Days

'Same here

[Task 3] lasts 168 hours

[Task 4] lasts 21 days

[Task 5] lasts 3 weeks

commented Jan 22 by anonymous
I second this suggestion.  Would be great to be able to support coarse grain plans using month as the unit (for example, to visualize high-level activities over 12 months, etc.)
commented Jul 3 by GrzegorzP
I would also ask to support smaller time periods (like seconds, miliseconds, etc), so one could use it to display processes (or activities) in embedded world.

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I second the suggestion, I actually need durations less than a day (0.5 days does not work at the moment)
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This should be a comment, not an answer.