Other time scales for Gantt Diagram (Ex : Hours)

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asked Apr 9, 2018 in Wanted features by FuSoftware (140 points)
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I know that the Gantt Diagrams are still in Beta as of today, but something that I feel should be implemented is other time scales for projects. The "day" scale is pretty standard, but sometimes I find it useful to be able to scale work on a half-day or hour basis.

Most large projects can't rely on this diagrams because of the lack of a proper calendar, so I find it most useful for sketching projects, or quickly making a short planning without worrying about workload/calendar/etc. And for that purpose, I feel that scaling with hours, or half-days, can be useful.

Edit: An easier way to do something like that would be to, instead of "days", have "units". That way, an user can have more control over said units. 

For example :

unit Hour

unit Day : 8 Hours

unit Month : 30 Days

unit Week : 7 Days

'The two following tasks are identical

[Task 1] lasts 16 Hours

[Task 2] lasts 2 Days

'Same here

[Task 3] lasts 168 hours

[Task 4] lasts 21 days

[Task 5] lasts 3 weeks

commented Jan 22, 2019 by anonymous
I second this suggestion.  Would be great to be able to support coarse grain plans using month as the unit (for example, to visualize high-level activities over 12 months, etc.)
commented Jul 3, 2019 by GrzegorzP
I would also ask to support smaller time periods (like seconds, miliseconds, etc), so one could use it to display processes (or activities) in embedded world.
commented Jan 14, 2020 by anonymous
Being able to work in courser units like weeks and months and have the calendar scale accordingly  would be immensely useful. I think that maybe this tool would be used for sketching out things rather than trying to control an actual project, kinda like the roadmap timelines in Confluence. In a 6 month project for instance, the width of the resultant image as it currently stands means that it would not be of much help putting it into a presentation etc. It would just blow the page scale.

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answered Mar 26, 2019 by anonymous
I second the suggestion, I actually need durations less than a day (0.5 days does not work at the moment)
commented Sep 12, 2019 by rd27 (460 points)
This should be a comment, not an answer.
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answered Jan 19, 2020 by plantuml (295,000 points)
If we go under day level, then we have to think about how to define working hours.

I mean, we cannot assume that a day is a 24 hours working day. So we have to define working hours (for example : 8am -> 12pm then 2pm-> 6pm).

Or we have to works with fractionnal load. (A task during 4.75 days for example).

Not sure which solution is the best.
commented Aug 4, 2020 by RedRadist (100 points)
As a common situation, like in Jira. We should be able to configure that point.

It looks like statements from next config:

"Project starts the 22th of june 2020
saturday are closed
sunday are closed
2020/03/08 is closed
2020/03/29 is closed
2020/05/24 is closed"