Allow turn on/off shadowing for elements with stereotypes

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asked Sep 4, 2018 in Wanted features by mirecg (180 points)

I would like to propose feature to allow switching shadowing per stereotype.

Currently I'm not able tu turn on/off shadowing individually for the same element type but with different stereotype. 

For example rectangle:

skinparam rectangle<<boundary>> {
  shadowing false
  borderStyle dashed
  backgroundColor whitesmoke

skinparam rectangle<<package>> {
  shadowing true
  borderStyle solid
  backgroundColor azure

hide <<package>> stereotype
hide <<boundary>> stereotype

rectangle "Packages Boundary" <<boundary>> {
  rectangle "Package A" <<package>>
  rectangle "Package B" <<package>>

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answered Sep 4, 2018 by plantuml (257,860 points)
selected Sep 5, 2018 by mirecg
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Many thanks for your suggestion.

This is a good idea. It has been implemented in last beta

So your example is working with this beta. Is this what you were expecting ?

commented Sep 5, 2018 by mirecg (180 points)
Great! Works as expected.

Thank you!