Where is plantuml.jar stored in Win Eclipse installation

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asked Dec 28, 2018 in Closed question / help by ERKUT
Hi there,

Installed PlantUML in Eclipse, works well. I can embed UML State diagrams in C++ code and depict on the PlantUML View in Eclipse.

However, Doxygen does not embed PlantUML diagrams  into Doxygen outputs. It requires the path of the "plantuml.jar" file.

Where is "plantuml.jar" is installed for the Eclipse? Is there a way to find out its location easily? Like


showing the properties including installation path.

Thanks in advance

commented Dec 29, 2018 by albert (2,540 points)
Probably easiest to either search the disk for the file (e.g. in a command window) or install just a version of the plantuml at a place of your choice (note in the later case you to update always twice for new versions).

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