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asked Feb 21, 2019 in Wanted features by Serge Wenger Work (13,480 points)


My project is very long and the Gannt show only days, not week or month.

Idem as


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answered Jan 19 by plantuml (235,340 points)
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We have started to enhance gantt feature.

With last beta and on the online server, you can now use

printscale weekly

to change the resolution of a gantt.

This is really an early version, so any feedback is welcome

You can also use :

page 3x1

to split your diagram

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answered Feb 21, 2019 by plantuml (235,340 points)
You would like to continue to define your tasks using days, but to be able to use a weekly scale when "printing" your diagram ?
commented Mar 28, 2019 by awschult (240 points)
That is exactly what I would like to see. I would love to be able to write out my project timeline in full detail (days, months, quarters, years,etc) but then specify a "monthly overview" or "quarterly overview" for it to display some form of a compressed schedule.