gantt task/milestone starts/happens on first DayOfWeek after activity's end

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asked Oct 31, 2022 in Question / help by Daniel

In a gantt chart, some milestones can only happen on a specific day of the week, for examples every Monday. A typical example are decisions that are taken i dedicated weekly decision meetings.

If I know the date of that Monday I can easily say that something happens on that Monday, but how can I say that something happens on the first Monday after another task is finished without having to manually calculate the date?

If I change the length of a task I want to avoid having to manually check if I need to find a different date for "next Monday".

Example to illustrate the issue:

@startgantt Example
title "Example"
!$start_date = "2022-10-01"
printscale daily
Saturday are closed
Sunday are closed
Project starts at $start_date
[activity 1] starts on $start_date and lasts 6 days
[activity 2] starts after [activity 1]'s end and lasts 4 days
' This should happen on the next Monday after activity 2 has finished
' but I don't want to manually have to calculate the date
[Approval] happens on 2022-10-17
' Example of a syntax that would allow me to express what I want
'[Approval] happens on first Monday after [activity 2]'s end

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