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How can i make the following diagram via PlantUML?

It's important for foo_1 to be placed on the right edge.

Picture is exported from StarUML.

Thanks in advance

commented Feb 28 by setop (280 points)
please use demo server to share diagram ( then use "View as PNG" link to embed it in your post. That way we, readers wanting to help, have access to both the picture and the code. Thanks
commented Feb 28 by ripanem (180 points)
Thank you for reply.
Well, the problem is that i don't know, how to make this diagram via PlantUML.
Attached picture from StarUML to post.

2 Answers

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answered Feb 24 by kiyoshih (150 points)

@startuml sample


if () then







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Thank you for your answer, but it's not exactly what i need.
On the picture above foo_1 activity is placed on the right, and using code from your comment i get foo_1 activity placed on the left.
I think that placing foo_1 on the right is better for perception of the diagram.
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answered Mar 4 by setop (280 points)

The closest I can produce is

I can't mange to force "foo_1" to be on the right.

commented Apr 26 by Joe
I have the same question, but want Foo_1 to be on the left, not center, not right.