Arrow inversion with skinparam linetype ortho and missing arrow part

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asked Apr 24 in Bug by Serge Wenger Work (11,990 points)

skinparam linetype ortho
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class Topic
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There is 2 problems:

1) With this simple sample, the direction is inverted with skinparam linetype ortho

2) Missing arrow part with or without skinparam linetype ortho

1 Answer

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answered May 22 by plantuml (203,680 points)
Thanks for the feedback.

This should be fixed in last beta

Tell us if it's not working for you !
commented May 23 by Serge Wenger Work (11,990 points)
part 1 is corrected, but there is still a missing part in the arrow
commented May 25 by plantuml (203,680 points)
Oups, did not notice this one.

This is solved in last release 1.2019.6