~, ~~ etc line types are not supported for Entity Relationship Diagram

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asked Jun 28, 2019 in Bug by boshka (3,040 points)

Per http://plantuml.com/ru/ie-diagram
the following notations are supported:

Entity01 }|..|| Entity02
Entity03 }o..o| Entity04
Entity05 ||--o{ Entity06
Entity07 |o--|| Entity08

However, if you try using another valid line type - "~", "~~" or "~~~" instead of "--" or "..", PlantUML will fail. Is that a defect? Here is the failing snippet:


commented Jun 29, 2019 by albert (2,820 points)
From what / where do you deduct that "~", "~~"  etc are valid line types in plantuml for "arrow" types?
commented Jun 29, 2019 by boshka (3,040 points)

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