How to create 2 parallel infinite while loop

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asked Apr 24, 2023 in Question / help by UtacFreak

For a university thesis I would need to create an activity diagram that allows me to show two threads that are always active and behave like the code below. The problem is that if I try to use two infinite whiles I always have the arrow (usually removed with -[hidden]->, detach) visible. If I remove the fork, the problem doesn't exist, but obviously I wouldn't have parellization. How can I do?


skinparam defaultTextAlignment center

mainframe <b>id</b> Quick/Standard Flows



-> <<DataBaseManager>>;

while (SearchForEntity) is ([Entity found])

if (Entity type?) then ([Bulk Entity])

:Process Bulk\nEntity;

else ([Single Entity])

:Process Single\nEntity;


:Update Entity status on \nInbound DB;




fork again

-> <<QuickManager>>;

while (SearchForQuickEntity) is ([Quick Entity found])

if (Entity type?) then ([Single Entity])

:Process Single\nEntity;

:Update Entity status on \nInbound DB;

else ([Bulk Entity])


endwhile([No Entity found])



end fork


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