WBS link to/from multiline elements

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asked May 24, 2023 in Wanted features by ddeimeke (120 points)

I try to link a multiline element to another element and I guess the alias is not working correctly.


**:Teamlead as TLA
Team A;

**:(TLA) Teamlead
Team A; 

**(TLA): Teamlead
Team A;

I tested all variants separately. The first two give a "No such node" when trying to use the alias, the last brings a syntax error.

Do you have any Ideas?

Thanks a lot.


commented May 24, 2023 by The-Lu (65,440 points)


Currently `arrows between WBS elements` is not possible with multiline WBS (:xxx;)

Here is a example using \n, like:

* r
** "Teamlead\nTeam A" as TLA
**(TLB) Teamlead\nTeam B



commented May 24, 2023 by ddeimeke (120 points)
This works pretty well.

Thank you!!


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