Link between objet in WBS

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asked Jul 12 in Wanted features by Gilles (140 points)


I use PlantUML for a lot of diagrams, either Use Case Diagram, C4 Diagram or WBS Diagram.

I miss a feature : I need to link WBS Object to another WBS Object (in another "column") with a colour-defined arrow.

Does this feature seem to be a great idea to someone else ?

Could this become real ?


Wbs with arrow example

commented Jul 12 by Gilles (140 points)

Yes the need is quite similar.

A syntax similar could be nice, adding the stereotype.

* Test
** A topic
*** "common" as c1
** "Another topic" as t2
t2 ..> c1 <<foo>>

commented Jul 13 by Rico_27

I have the same need on my side for wbs diagram. I would add that this additional link could be a circular arrow.

This would be a great Feature to add. The lack of this functionality is very painful as it has to be done after manually and in case of update of diagram, the links have to be done again manually.

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