GANTT: How to handle if a resource starts or terminates at a specific date?

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asked Nov 20 in Wanted features by Marc
reshown Nov 20 by plantuml

Resources are the team members. But team members don't work for the same company / project all their life.

I haven't found an option for defining start or end time for a resource.

I'd like to have something such as:

{Alice} starts at 2023-08-15
{Bob} ends at 2023-12-31

To define absolute begin or end of a resource in the project.

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answered Nov 20 by plantuml (293,520 points)
That's an interesting suggestion!

What impact would this have on the drawing itself?

I mean, do we need to put some special colors on Alice/Bob lines to show when they are off?

We are also thinking about improving the current display: right now, we just display numbers (50/100/...) on resource lines. Maybe it is time to have something better. So any suggestion is welcome :-)
commented Nov 20 by Marc

Good question.

Probably in the footer, where the "live-line" of the resource should start / end.

It would have the same effect as:

{Alice} is off on forever to 2023-08-15
{Bob} is off on 2023-12-31 to forever

Alternative possible syntax, more related to the vacation feature:

{Alice} is off before 2023-08-15
{Bob} is off after 2023-12-31

If a resource is on a project, then this is limited to the time the resource is available.

Here B would replace A on the project after 2 month:

{A} ends 2024-02-29
{B} starts 2024-03-01
[project] on {A} {B} {C} lasts 5 month and starts 2024-01-01
commented Nov 23 by plantuml (293,520 points)

Last beta now supports is off before/is off after syntax.

(See example here and here).

We have also temporarily changed the way we display resources. We put (hardcoded) gray background when a resource if off.

Any suggestion/feedback is welcome!

commented Nov 24 by Marc
Great! And really fast, thank you!
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answered Nov 26 by plantuml (293,520 points)

BTW, we are currently improving the gantt syntax. We try to have something closer to regular english sentence.

So with last beta:

  • You can (should?) put a dot at the end of each sentence
  • You can use a coma instead of "and" to separate two sentences with the same subject.
  • You can use "it" for the last evoked task
  • You can use "he/she/they" for the last evoked resource.
As an example:
Project starts the 2023/12/04.
Sunday are closed.
[T1] requires 15 days.
It is colored in peru.

[T2 with a very long name] requires 8 days, is colored in peru.
then [T3] lasts 10 days.
It is colored in lightblue.

{Alice} works on [T1].
She is off before the 2023/12/06.

{Bob} works on [T1], is off from the 2023/12/08 to the 2023/12/09.


(link to the diagram)

Any new idea is welcome!