Plant UML Multiple legend in Gantt View

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asked Jun 24 in Question / help by anonymous

How to add Multiple legend with different colors in Gantt Chart using Plant UML?

It's working for me, for one legned. It's taking the last line of code... Is there a way to show, different parameter with different colros. Like "planned" "In progress" "Done" into grey, green blue color bars.

I have added below code :

legend{ Font Size BackGround Color }

legend Test 1 end legend

legend{ Font Size BackGround Color }

legend Test 2 end legend

1 Answer

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answered Jun 25 by The-Lu (67,000 points)

Hello A.,

Here is a proposal, using creole table, as:

[Kick off] requires 1 days and is colored in blue
[Prototype design] requires 5 days
[Test prototype] requires 4 days
[Test prototype] starts at [Prototype design]'s end
[Prototype design] is colored in Green
[Test prototype] is colored in gray

|= Color |= Task Type |
|<#gray> | Planned |
|<#Green>| In progress |
|<#blue> | Done |
end legend


Enjoy, yes