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asked Jul 6, 2016 in Closed question / help by HankB (140 points)
Hi folks, I'm trying to use PlantUML diagrams in Doxygen under Cygwin. The Doxygen executable is a Cygwin binary. The embedded PlantUML is


 * @brief main entry point

 * @param argc - number of command line arguments

 * @param argv - array of command line arguments

 * @return exit status (always 0)


 * @note The first command line argument (if provided) will be included in the output.)


 * Following see a gratuitous diagram included to test/verify that PlantUML us working

 * @startuml{ZipCmd_ZipComp_Communication.png}


 * ZipCmd -> ZipComp: First Compute Request

 * ZipCmd <-- ZipComp: First Compute Response


 * ZipCmd -> ZipComp: Second Compute Request

 * ZipCmd <-- ZipComp: Second Compute Response


 * @enduml


When Doxygen encounters this code it emits the following warning:

/cygdrive/c/Users/hank.barta/Documents/process/template/hello_sandc.cpp:67: warning: ignoring \startuml command because PLANTUML_JAR_PATH is not set

Doxygen is a Cygwin executable and reports its version

hank.barta@US-L16-0033 ~/Documents/process/template

$ doxygen --version


Help pointing me to a solution for this is most welcome.

I have set PLANTUML_JAR_PATH to be the same as PLANTUML_JAR in both the Cygwin environment and the Windows environment (via Control Panel.)


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answered Jul 6, 2016 by plantuml (235,420 points)
This issue looks linked to Doxygen, and not to PlantUML

Somehow the setting on PLANTUML_JAR_PATH is ignored.

Did you try:
commented Jul 6, 2016 by HankB (140 points)
Yes - thanks. Definitely a Doxygen (or rather configuration) problem. I had thought that PLANTUML_JAR_PATH  was an environment variable but in fact it is a variable in Doxyfile. Unfortunately knowing that is not a complete solution. I can set the variable in the Doxyfile to
PLANTUML_JAR_PATH      = C:/Users/hank.barta/Documents/process/template/bin/plantuml.jar
and now the error message is:
Unable to access jarfile /cygdrive/c/Users/hank.barta/Documents/process/template/C:/Users/hank.barta/Documents/process/template/bin/plantuml.jar

It is clear that Cygwin is translating the path to the Cygwin convention which Java (a DOS/Win program) does not understand. I think I may need to defeat that behavior or install the Win/DOS version of Doxygen. (There is no Cygwin version for Java.)

Thank you for your help.

Documentation request: Please mention PLANTUML_JAR_PATH and PLANTUML_INCLUDE_PATH in the instructions on