Note position not the same with single node or node with child

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asked Jun 24 in Bug by Serge Wenger Work (11,940 points)

With the following code, we can see that note position is different for single and node with child

@startuml bug Note
Node C
Node "Machine "  as M {
    Node "Wifi Access Point" as WifiAP
Note top of WifiAP: aaaaaaaaaaaaa

Note bottom of M : bbbbbbbbb
Note bottom of C : cccccccc

1 Answer

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answered Jun 25 by plantuml (208,280 points)
Are you talking about the "bbbbbb" note ?
commented Jun 26 by Serge Wenger Work (11,940 points)
Yes, the "bbbbb" note is not in the middle like "ccccccccccc"
commented Jun 26 by plantuml (208,280 points)

The bad new is that we are limited by GraphViz here. I don't think we can get a better result.

Sorry about that!