Gantt: Activities/tasks on same row?

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asked Jun 3 in Wanted features by mawi (440 points)


An idea! Would it be possible to somehow have tasks rendered on the same row, as in a timeline. 
It would not be strict gantt but very useful for creating easy to read timelines.

I would need to indicate that the tasks are to be rendered in the same row.  It would only work if the tasks do not overlap on the timeline, they need to have a gap or be consecutive.

BR! /marcus

This is a bit similar to:

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answered Aug 28 by The-Lu (7,960 points)
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Hello M.,

With last version V1.2020.16, you can now have:

[Prototype design] lasts 13 days
[Test prototype] lasts 4 days and 1 week
[Test prototype] starts 1 week and 2 days after [Prototype design]'s end
[Test prototype] displays on same row as [Prototype design]

See also:


commented Sep 5 by mawi (440 points)
Awesome, looks perfect, thanks!

I also noted many other gantt improvements, cool! Will try and use it more. I think it can/will become a really strong diagram type, it is very useful, and can be kept simple.

Thanks again!