End participant line after destroy

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asked Apr 8, 2019 in Bug by anonymous


Not sure if this is a bug or feature request but would be nice to stop participant line after destroy.

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Bob -> Alice : hello
Alice -> Ken ** : create
activate Ken
Bob -> Ken !! : destroy
Alice -> Bob : next step


PlantUML diagram

Line in Ken should not continue until next step.

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commented Jun 10, 2020 by The-Lu (45,860 points)

Hello All,


A funny workaround is to recreate, at the end, the participant and to crop the final image!
But that is only a funny workaround! wink

== Cut here ==
create Ken
Alice -> Ken
== Cut here ==
[Click to see on online server]
If that can help, wink
commented Jan 21 by anonymous
Hey thanks for this method, however it will not work when the instance of the participant starts with the start of the sequence diagram...

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answered Jun 20 by Robert
Furthermore, re-creating Ken will remove the participant line of the first instance of Ken. This becomes visible if you don't activate the first instance of Ken.